Morning rant…

I’m sick to my stomach this morning from a brief conversation I’ve just had.  Why is it that people can actually think that they have to right to tell people that they are too old to find love in their life.  That they should just stay in their abusive relationships and never have happiness.  It just kills me!!  Also, that they should stay in their abusive relationships, because they will never find someone that wants a woman with a child.  I am just floored and pissed! Especially, when the person telling them is their parent.  I’m pissed and disgusted.  What is wrong with people!  I’m trying not to pull my hair out.

Thanks for listening to my morning rant.  Time to regroup, take some deep breathes and move on with my day. :)


Time to Vent

The Beach Parties in my area started last week.  I missed it due to a music performance for my #4 Son.  This week one of the most popular bands in the area will be playing.  Regardless of who is playing, it is going to be a blast.

My friend is in town, but had to cancel due to a work dinner.  No worries!  I figured I would just take my four Boys with me and let loose, have some fun.  No phones, just music, the sand on our feet and dance like no one is watching.  Wishful thinking.

I mentioned it to each one of my Boys, individually, as they came home from school.  “Mom, it’s just not my thing.” “I don’t want to go.” A nice roll of the eyes, purse of the mouth and no response at all. “Mom, I like to do other things with you like road trips, or go out to breakfast, lunch and dinner with you.  Those are good things right?” “Do I have to?”

Actually, it all makes me kind of sad.  As I told my oldest, “One day when your 40, you will have wished you went with me that one time to the Beach Party and made memories with your Mother.” I wasn’t trying to give guilt, just trying to let him know that life goes by quickly and sometimes it’s fun to do things for others, even though “it’s not your thing”.

I will get ready to go to the Beach Party, ask one more time, but I am not going to pressure anyone to spend time with me.  Hopefully, by that time I will be over my hurt feelings and I will just go and have a good time.  By myself.

Thank goodness I don’t mind being alone. :)


The Land of Medicine Buddha

This morning I dropped my children off at school then headed to explore Land of Medicine Buddha.  I heard that it was beautiful from two different friends and it was time to take my own hike and see what it was all about.

It is a Buddhist retreat that is open to the public.  It is very well-kept and absolutely gorgeous to hike though.

I read that the hike was about 6 miles, but I did the 8 Verses Loop Trail and calculated 2 to 2 1/2 miles.  Perfect for a nice stroll and a time of reflection.  In would be great with the kiddos.  Not too short and not too long.  It would be great for them to go and read the Verses and reflect a little as well.

I look forward to going back and exploring the Enchanted Forest.  Maybe that is where the longer hike wraps around.  I look forward to finding out.

Anyway, it was just what I needed this morning, before the rest of the day got away from me.  The forest is so amazing where I live.  I will never tire of it.

As I passed by all of he ferns, I was reminded of my Grandma Marge.  When we would go to Oregon, she would go into the mountains and dig up small ferns and bring them home to plant in her yard.  I have her love for ferns as well.  She was a beautiful woman.

Next time I take this hike, I won’t be taking any photos, so I decided to take them all today.  It was so beautiful I just couldn’t help myself.  It was all worth being documented.

I used the prayer wheel as soon as I arrived.  I’m not religious, but it never hurts to put out what you would like to receive in this universe.  I just felt, right.

I hope you enjoy the many photos I took today.  :)

TIMG_0261 3 IMG_0260 3 IMG_0262 3 IMG_0263 3 IMG_0265 3 IMG_0267 3 IMG_0273 3 IMG_0275 3 IMG_0276 3 IMG_0277 3 IMG_0278 3 IMG_0280 3 IMG_0282 3 IMG_0283 3 IMG_0286 3 IMG_0288 3 IMG_0290 3 IMG_0291 3 IMG_0292 3 IMG_0293 3 IMG_0295 3 IMG_0298 3 IMG_0310 3 IMG_0313 3 IMG_0315 3 IMG_0316 3 IMG_0322 3 IMG_0324 3 IMG_0326 5 IMG_0327 5 IMG_0328 5 IMG_0329 5 IMG_0325 3IMG_0271 4 FullSizeRender 44 FullSizeRender 45 FullSizeRender 41 FullSizeRender 40 FullSizeRender 42 FullSizeRender 49 FullSizeRender 47 FullSizeRender 43 FullSizeRender 46


“5 Reasons To Create The Perfect Date Night (At Home)”


This is perfect, because I just today sent my Husband a little text today telling him that I would love a date night soon. A great read for those of you that cherish your relationship, but sometimes need a little boost.

Af for us, we have 4 children. We definitely need a better lock on our bedroom door. More adventure could be had if that lock were to happen. Wink! Wink!

I feel like spending time one-on-one is so very important. I actually crave it.

I like that he talks about conversing in more ways than just talking. Communicating with touch, sight and body language can get lost after you are together for a long time. Sometimes it is hard to get back and can be frustrating. If you have two willing people though, there should be no problem rekindling that love, emotion and fire.

I crave that fire.



Originally posted on James Michael Sama:

There is a recurring theme in my articles which focuses around paying close attention to romance when building, and maintaining a relationship. Anyone who has visited this site before knows my viewpoint on the importance of keeping the spark alive, so to speak.


While it is great to find new things to do with your significant other, go on adventures, and have frequent date nights – I think it is equally as important to make sure you are taking the time to slow down your busy lives for a bit, and just connect.

Without getting into too many personal details, I have always found that a great way to enhance this connection is through, specifically, massage. You may have heard people talk about the ‘5 Love Languages,’ and mine has always been more focused on touch.

Whether it is something simple as giving a back or foot massage while you’re…

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To Walk in My Town

I’ve been able to get out a bit over the past week and take a few walks.  I wanted to share these beautiful shots with you.  Simple to take great photos, even with a cell phone, when you live in such a beautiful place.  :)

Train tracks and daisy’s seem to be my theme this week. 












Have I mentioned I’m doing something new with my hair?

It’s called Savvy Curls and it’s an amazing #heatlesscurls process.  Super easy and always turns out gorgeous.

In this photo I did larger sections to have larger, looser curls.


You can contact me at and I will e-mail you the link to order from me directly.

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To the man holding a sign, standing on the road divider, in the middle of the road, asking for money…

If you know me, you know that I am kind hearted. I don’t think that I could exist without  helping people. I give in so many ways. I could write a list two miles long. Well, today I saw a man standing on the road divider while I was driving through the stop light. Standing with his cardboard sign asking for money. Well, today I had an overwhelming desire to yell, “get a fucking job!” There, I’m not perfect. I’m not a saint. I’m just me. Having a negative thought crossing my mind. Maybe it sounds mean, but geeze, people stand everywhere asking for money these days. It IS their job. It’s crazy. Gone are the days when you can tell if someone really needs help, or not. It sucks. It sucks for us caring and loving types that always want to help. It also takes away from those that may truly need it. It irritates me. Obviously. :)