In Air Flight Thoughts…

I really like when men look like they just got there hair cut. It shows that they are confident in themselves.

Meeting strangers is cool. Especially when you least expect them to have the coolest Canadian French accent ever. She was just coming from visiting her Son in Santa Cruz. Her eyes were shadowed with age and as happy as can be.

Unlikely couples that are outwardly in love are interesting to watch. They make me happy.

I love a beautiful suit on a man.

Reading Erotica on the plane while Frozen is on the inflight movie screen is way better.

Chia Seeds For My First Time

Today I added a scoop of Chia Seeds into my water bottle as I was heading to for my days worth of Pop Warner Football Games.

I’ve read a lot about them. ¬†Have friends and family that use them in there daily diet and food preparation. ¬†Wy not me? They are supposed to have over a dozen different health benefits. ¬†Such as, helping with dehydration, boosting energy, stabilizing blood sugar, aiding digestion, and lowering cholesterol. These are just a few that I have read about.

I’m hoping that if I use them regularly that I will see some changes. ¬†If you know of any that I need to be aware of, please post them in the comments area. ¬†Thanks! ¬†:)


Tired Legs

I was riding Gypsy the other day and realized that my legs are for sure NOT my strongest muscles in my body.  I tried to kick ass and pump it up one of the neighborhood hills and here came the asthma that I forget I have.  I made it though!

I remember my legs feeling like this after riding my bike across town when I was a teenager.  I would get off after riding quite a  long distance and they would feel like they were ready to go out from under me.

When I lived in Arizona I didn’t feel it as much as I do here in CA. ¬†Arizona is flat and easy. ¬†At least it was in the town that I lived in. ¬†When I did hit the occasional hill, I didn’t think much of it.

My conclusion is, that I need to keep working up those hills.  I have 2 in particular that I am going to work my way into.  They are very intimidating to me.  I think it will be good for my lungs to strengthen them as well and work my way up to the steeper ones.

I’m going to keep on pumping and working these legs of mine. ¬†I can’t be outdone by the individuals that are double my age and kick ass every day. ¬†Ha! ¬†They. Are. Awesome!! ¬†:)


The Breeze

I welcome the breeze

It’s been a memory

To touch my skin

Its floating coolness

I welcome the breeze

It’s fooling ways

To ignite my fire

To tempt my nipples

To erase the thoughts of the day

i welcome the breeze

Please take me away

Meet Gypsy

I have a new fun toy and I’ve named her Gypsy. ¬†She is a fun-loving free spirit. ¬†She is my new¬†Electra¬†Bike. ¬†She is beautiful!!! ¬†I just love her!

Meet Gypsy

She really is so much prettier in person.  Probably the last bike that I will ever have for pleasure.  I can just picture myself on this bike when I am 90.  My long hair flowing in the wind.  Still not wanting to wear a helmet.  Hahaha!  :)


BAD, Fun Mommy!

This is how it’s been going in my house…

“Good morning! ¬†We’re going to go to the swimming hole today in the mountains” (talking to my youngest two while they are sitting on their computers in the office).

“Good Morning, Mom,” they both say.

“Wait, what are you talking about? You made us go to the Boardwalk yesterday. ¬†Why are you forcing us to do things that we don’t want to do? ¬†I don’t want to go anywhere.” Complains my #3 Son with an exasperated and stressed look on his face.

“You know, you can get as mad at me as you want. ¬†It’s summer. ¬†We are going to enjoy it and life while we can. ¬†You’re going to go and have some fun and get out of this office. ¬†I can just take your computer privileges away for the summer, then maybe you would lean that there is more to do than just sit in a room all day and play on your computer. ¬†So, be ready, we are leaving to be there by noon.” Then I left the room to make breakfast.

A few minutes later I walked into the office after my husband came in from outside and his conference call. “So, apparently I’m the bad guy, because I want to spend the day with the Boys at the river swimming at a swimming hole.” ¬†My husband just made a quirky face. ¬†He knows exactly what I’m talking about. ¬†They do it to me all the time.

Then, my #4 says, “A hole, why are we swimming in a hole?” ¬†While he is giggling and being silly.

As I’m in the kitchen making breakfast, my #3 came in and said he was sorry with a big hug. ¬†Not once, but twice. ¬†He is super, super sweet. ¬†I wasn’t even mad or upset. ¬†It’s nice that he doesn’t want me feeling that way though. ¬†I’m thankful that he can say he is sorry. ¬†I told him that we were going to have a great day.

I truly love my Boys.  Now off to wake up the older two and go through the same conversation with them.  Hahaha!  :)