Monday is just not my day for new beginnings.

1656430_10151822358426734_239829579_nI‘ve always had a thing about not starting new things on Mondays.  Tuesday has always been my day.  I may think about it, but never seem to act on until Tuesday.  Don’t ask me why, it has always just felt the best for me.

Today I have been thinking off some of the things that I need to start doing… Getting up and being dressed before my Boys.  Cooking more.  Running on the treadmill again.  Just to name a few.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and the day for me to start a few things anew.  :)


Lady Mustache

My youngest comes to kiss me good night… Me, “You are so wonderful, I love you.  I love your beautiful smile, how smart you are.  You are so funny and I love your laugh.  You have beautiful eyes.  I just love everything about you.”  Him, “You have a mustache, I can see it right there (he touches the top of my lip).  Yeah, you have a lady mustache.”  Hahahahaha!!  Good thing I love his so much all I could do is laugh.  :)


Mommy Slave

I was told today by my youngest that is home from school due to not feeling well today… “You are my puffy pants, messy haired, wearing glasses slave.” Good thing he is so cute. ❤️ :)

On my mind today…

I woke up twice during the night. Sat up in bed to figure out of we were having an earthquake. Odd for me. Something’s brewing. I can feel it.

During our drive back from Half Moon Bay today, all I could think about was driving. In my own vehicle. The wind in my hair. Would I wear a hat? A braid? A scarf to hold my hair from blowing? Drop my Boys at school and drive. Alone. Who else would join me? Someone I’m sure. When I do, I want to stop at every beach. Hike every inch of this coast. Take my time. Breathe deep. Paint. Take thousands of photos. Watch the whales. Nap on the beach. Such wonderful things to look forward too. :)


Yoga-Fusion Just Isn’t My Thing

I joined the gym last week.  I wanted to just join Bikram, but the gym is closer.  For now it will have to do.  Anyway, I thought I would check out this mornings Yoga class.  Ug!  After the first 10 minutes I wanted to run out of there.

She started with welcoming everyone to “Yoga-Fusion” and introducing with her name.  Right there I knew I was in trouble.  I don’t know why I always do this to myself.  I go in there thinking, this is going to be so great!  Errrrrr!!!  Not so much!

When I go to Yoga I expect breathing, great poses, holding poses, etc.  You know, the norm.  Not a class that is so fast that you can’t even get all the way into the pose, especially if it is something new, or as for me today, so stiff and not haven’t been for several months. 

I really thought about walking out like 10 times.  I tried so hard to just calm myself, but I couldn’t stand it.  Obviously, I won’t be going back.

I’m obviously feeling disappointed in the class and in myself for being such a fool, again.  Come February, I am getting my shit back on track with what is convenient for me, not what I feel is convenient for those driving me.  I need to get my life back on track for me.  It has been way too long and I can’t wait!  :)





Reach for my hand.
Touch my check.
I want to see you stir.
Linger for me.
Want me.
Take your breath away by just the sight of me.
Never get enough.
Make me laugh
Make me ache for you.
Make me beg for you.
Make me want nothing else.
Listen when I tell you.

September 28, 1:03 p.m
:) xo